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Family home in settlement of Doljane

Winter is an ideal period for designing, as much for the designer as it is for the investor. Weather conditions slow down construction and lead people to plan construction ventures for the next season. Without the pressure of time, the facilities receive the deserved commitment, the investor has more time to think about their requirements in terms of function and architecture of the facility, without fear of running out of nice weather and not being able to perform the desired construction work. Such projects, made without investor pressure, are usually the most beautiful, they are the ones we are most proud of. This is one such project.


The planned facility is planned to be in the settlement of Doljane near Krusevac. The site that the investor has prepared is fantastic for a large home, because the site itself is very large, with access to the highest point of the terrain that has a slope to the opposite side, and we skillfully used that. The building has a basement with a garage, but also more facilities that will make this home complete. Also, the building is adorned with large terraces at the back of the house. In this way, we provide privacy to the investor, but also a beautiful view of the interior of the site, which has remained large and where various other facilities will come, which the whole family will enjoy.

You can see this, but also many other objects that we have designed, in the gallery on our website. You can also visit the gallery by clicking on this link.