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Private mini SPA design

Among our latest projects, this time, was an unusual facility. It is a real small private SPA center. In today’s pace of life, a person is looking for every possible way to rest and enjoy that time as much as possible, and we all have very little time for that. Everyone has their own way of enjoying, and this is one that can be really good. The goal of this project is a real family oasis of peace. It is hidden in the yard next to the family house and counts various contents that provide an opportunity for perfect rest and socializing with friends, both in summer when the weather is warm and there is a great need for cooling, but also in the winter when this becomes a real snow idyll.



This small SPA is designed to follow modern standards of architecture. It consists of four parts, outdoor pool, terrace, indoor pool and space for hanging out. The last three parts are part of one whole – the object. The terrace is designed to be airy, covered with steel beams, in order to provide enough shade on hot summer days, but not completely covered, in order to ensure the best possible air flow and ventilation. The interior space is designed with a smaller indoor pool where the water will always be warm, due to those cold winter days. Also, this pool is accompanied by a separate jacuzzi tub and a Finnish sauna. In the end, when the bathing and enjoyment of those contents is over, a space for hanging out with friends is provided. This rounded whole is a real small family oasis.


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