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New construction

We are working on projects for the construction of various types of buildings, and the process is accompanied by the development of paperwork to obtain construction permits. Some of the types of buildings we worked for are houses (detached, semi-detached and in a row), residential buildings, business buildings, economic buildings (halls for various purposes, such as storage and production), canopies, garages, gas stations and many other unique and special buildings. purpose. These structures include different types of construction, such as traditionally masonry structures, partially or completely concrete structures, steel structures, but also wooden ones. Of course, combinations of these types of construction are also common. Depending on the type of facility, the project documentation contains the required part or all of the following documentation:

  1. Architecture project (with 3D views)
  2. construction project (object statics)
  3. energy efficiency

There is also a frequent need for project documentation that goes beyond these frameworks. In these cases, the project bureau “Construction Center” hires associates, professional and licensed staff, and this includes the following documentation:

  1. urban project
  2. electrical installation project
  3. mechanical installation project
  4. project of hydraulic installations
  5. fire protection study

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