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You have the opportunity to look at the gallery at some of our interior projects as a whole, starting from the concept of a space, through the conceptual design that addresses all segments of the interior: walls, floors, ceilings, lighting and furniture to the details in the interior.

We also have partial projects for furniture such as: kitchens, closets, bedrooms, dressing room, living room, bathroom, children’s rooms and more, and for details on the interior.



The concept involves the design of the global distribution of space / room in an interior, according to the wishes of the constraints of space, and the example of the apartment layout and dimensions of the rooms for different purposes with the marked organization of furniture and other essential elements within the premises. From case to case we can have many variants of an interior subject to constraints (structural, economic, design …)

Only with the adopted concept we can go further in conceptual design development.


Preliminary design is in fact the idea that he could arrange some interior. It consists of two-dimensional drawing space, which is processed in certain projections: the basics, section, looks, and if necessary, three-dimensional representation of the future of space, which is sometimes easier to be seen as environment, especially more complicated projects.The drawings are done with the necessary remarks on the issue of materialization, or the colors and patterns in space. It is based on the terms of reference by investors, which are more or less some guidance, desires, demands, leading to a solution of the designer to obtain the desired ambience. What are the specific wishes of the less artistic freedom of the architect and vice versa, it does not mean it’s good or bad neither. So, after all, and work projects for any interior, respectively, because the one in which someone enjoys someone can be extremely unpleasant.

Degree of freedom of the designer is more important when it comes to public spaces, that is, interiors that are not designed only for personal use by investors, but also for public use, where, however, more attention should be paid to global trends and functionality of space, which is still in the field where the designer needs to dominate as a professional person.