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Design Bureau CONSTRUCTION CENTER create projects for all kind of buildings. Projects are done through modern programs on computers with three-dimensional view of the future facility.

The investor receives the preliminary design and may perceive an object from all sides.

projektovanjeWhen designing we will take account of the use of new materials that are saving time and energy in the future facility.

On the basis of reference that we received from investors we are trying to fit the functionality, aesthetics and economy of the future facility.

Each building is expensive, and it is wrong to build the most expensive. Furthermore, there are problems and life-long dissatisfaction with the object. Avoid the bad, and expensive construction, using a good project. A good designer is known by the number of completed objects.


– To be determined before the start of construction who will be the future owner of the house (it looks strange, but it is very important)
– To provide the land and to determine its purpose with the competent municipal body
– To check the site for the construction on the suitability in terms of the wider environment, neighbors, supply, transportation, health facilities, schools, work places, infrastructure and other factors to find out what kind of environment is to be built houses and where they will continue to live and work.
– To carry out a competent expert in administrative surveying cadaster municipalities to identify land and mark it with the presence and permission from neighbors.
– To examine and study the climatic, geographical and environmental conditions for future life on this site
– To check whether there is suitable public infrastructure built in the city that it is ready to be used by the future owner of the house (electricity, telecommunication, water, sewage, heating, gas, etc.)
– To discover and investigate how to supply water in the event that there is no city or rural water system
– To check out the conditions for the construction of biological tanks in the absence of sewerage network
– To find out experiential or technical examined data on groundwater level and understand the way of draining storm water from open areas
– To determine, prior to the terms of reference, and to reflect on the content of future house (dimensions, number of floors, surfaces, internal location, ambience, etc.)
– To have advance planning and positioning for the possible construction of ancillary supporting facilities and other parts of the yard.
– To develop the basic idea and define a household aspires regarding the future house, before you engage the designer
– To consult with those who are expert and those who have already built similar houses in order to gain experience to build their own
– To be based on family needs and personal knowledge of the development of reference that will be consistent with zoning and other requirements. (It is recommended that this process is done with the help of architects, for well-done project task is the first success in building a house)
– To timely obtain all required conditions, receipts and other documents for technical documentation (copy of the plan, title deed, certificate of use of land, conditions and approval of electricity, conditions and approval of urban water supply and sanitation, telecommunication consent, approval of Chimney Sweep, sanitary inspector etc.)
– To select the design and production of technical documentation, contracts with price and term of production
– To do the preliminary and the investment project and to conduct consultations with the competent municipal services in order to obtain approval for the preliminary design
– To make the main project

Preliminary construction works include many operations and actions that need to be done in order to move in preparation for the construction of the house. Empirically speaking. previous construction are as „tossing the seeds“ from which the house is to be built. Therefore we advise all house builders that with a lot of seriousness and responsibility at the beginning of construction do the job properly, as they are not threaded mistakes that will have flow during the whole works. In addition, there is a national folklore, such as the one: If you do not know, then you ask! And so, slowly but attainable we came to the preparatory work.