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pocetna01Design Bureau CONSTRUCTION CENTER creates projects for all kind of buildings and objects. Projects are done through modern programs on computers with three-dimensional view of the future facility.

Building Center is engaged in engineering, and it is contracting works and award the specific jobs to proven craftsman in these types of jobs.

Design bureau is licensed for all types of supervision over the construction of buildings. The aim of supervision is that the investor receives a full service inspection and to obtain complete service, from start of paperwork, over the project design and then on the execution of works (rough and final stages) of craftsman works.

pocetna02In addition to projects in the exterior, we are designing the interior as well.

In our gallery you can see some of our interior projects as a whole, starting from the concept of a space, through the conceptual design that addresses all segments of the interior: walls, floors, ceilings, lighting and furniture, to the details in the interior.