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PAVATEX Isolair plates

pavatex isolair
Difuziono otvorene podložne ploče ISOLAIR (35, 52 i 60 mm)

Product description

PAVATEX ISOLAIR panel according to the European standard EN 14964 for the base plates may be three months, exposed to natural weather conditions, ie. have the property of water resistance. ISOLAIR base plates are also insulating plate and therefore when calculating heat transmission must be included in the budget. If you use them as base plates pay attention to the areas of application specific to each country in accordance with the regulations and standards in the technical documentation. ISOLAIR base plates can be used as a diffusion layer of open water that drains to the outside walls of houses made of wood with ventilated facades.

Dimensions and packaging of PAVAWALL BLOCK







The mass coverage


Number of plates Per pallet


Per pallet


35 7.20 250×77 248×75 30 57.75 429 Profilisani
52 10.70 250×77 248×75 20 38.50 425 Profilisani
60 12.30 250×77 248×75 17 32.73 418 Profilisani

pavatex-isolair_35Technical values

Volume ρ [kg/m3] 200
Thermal conductivity (EN 13171) ID [W/(mk)] 0.044
Spec. thermal capacity C [J/(kgK)] 2100
Resistence to steam difusion μ 3
Reaction to fire (EN 13501-1) Klasa E
Compressive stress at 10% compaction [kPa] 250
Perpendicular to the surface of the plate [kPa] 30
Key waste code by European waste catalogue (EAK) 030105; 170604
Key description code WF-EN13171-T5-DS(70.-)2-CS(10\Y)250-TR30-WS1,  0-MU3-AF100
Base plate (EN 14964) SB.E


Original palette, you can store the outdoors and used pallets stored in a dry place and protected from potential damage. Processed exclusively in the dry state. Have a maximum of 4 pallets high.

PAVATEX-System additions

For the first coat during the taping: PAVABASE or PAVAPRIM

On wet surfaces: PAVACOLL 310/600

Adhesive insulating tapes for ports: 75/150 PAVATAPE and PAVATAPE FLEX

For bonding angles: 310/600 PAVACOLL

Detailed application possibilities and guidelines for processing can be found in the booklet that accompanies the product.